Funding Initiatives supported by MS-CU-JL

A. Aims
MS-CU-JL aims to support research activities related to the laboratory's major research themes, namely, computer vision and graphics, speech and natural language processing for multimodal human-computer interaction, multimedia content indexing and retrieval as well as multimedia services for heterogeneous wireless networks. The following initiatives aim to support inter-institutional contacts (especially between MSRA and CUHK) as well as student research.
B. Funding
Funding is provided by the University for MS-CU-JL, based on dollar-for-dollar matching. Supported research activities will be required to provide documentary proof of matching fund(s).
C. Research Outputs
Relevant research outputs should include the affiliation "CUHK MoE-Microsoft Key Laboratory for Human-centric Computing & Interface Technologies" The research output will be archived in the MS-CU-JL Annual Report. This research report will also document research trips / activities that are related to and/or supported by MS-CU-JL.
D. Application Procedures and Reviews
All application materials should be sent to the following address for directing to the MS-CU-JL Management Committee. Applications will be reviewed during the semester-based committee meetings. Applications will be processed year-round.
•    Soft copy to:
•    Hard copy to:
  Professor Helen Meng
  Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
  William M. W. Mong Engineering Building
  The Chinese University of Hong Kong
E. Details
MS-CU-JL Student Conference Support

•    Support for CUHK students to present their accepted papers at prestigious conferences.
•    Proof of matching fund is needed. MS-CU-JL can match up to a maximum of HKD3,000 per trip per applicant per year, on a reimbursement basis for conference registration and transportation and following the University's guidelines on travel grants.